“Wow, Jason, the ‘ultimate’ guide?” I know, I know — I’m really swinging for the fences. But I really do think this guide will be a powerful resource for you.

Why? Yes, I’m a Certified Spiritual Coach, so that helps. But it’s much more than that.

At 23, I hit rock bottom. I got fired (again), my girlfriend broke up with me, I got evicted, was almost homeless…I didn’t like my life, or who I’d become.

Over 10 years of research later, I’ve turned my life around in a big way. I achieved a successful career at multiple marketing agencies…

Over 2 million scientific papers are published every year (R).

Over 4 million blog posts are published every day (R).

Over 5,000 news articles are published in the US every day (R).

Close to 1 million books are published every year (R).

There are a few implications for this kind of future shock, or information overload:

  • It makes it harder to gain certainty about any given topic
  • It makes it even more important to be adaptable, humble, and willing to learn
  • It makes it laughable when people say “do your research”, and assume people who don’t think like them haven’t…

We’re more overwhelmed than ever, and our anxiety sabotages our spiritual peace.

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” ― Archilochus

And the best kind of training is experience — the failures, mistakes and successes.

First, some context: This case study is about a campaign I ran for CoMoGives, a yearly fundraiser here in Columbia, Missouri that raises money for 138 local nonprofits in 2019.

Then, a disclaimer: I did some of the initial creative on this campaign, but a lot of its basic structure was set up by someone else within my agency. …

Everyone has limiting beliefs — deeply-held beliefs that limit our effectiveness in life. Mine tends to be that I don’t know enough, which leads to a lack of confidence.

This is interesting, because I have a solid list of skills and accomplishments, and I’m well-respected by friends and family. Yet I still have trouble being confident sometimes.

I’m finding that lack of confidence has held me back a lot in life. I imagine it might be doing the same for you. It’s important that we recognize what might be holding us back, and work to remove the blockage.

“Perhaps it’s…

You’ve probably heard of the plethora of DNA or genetic testing products out there — 23andMe, GenoPalate, Helix, and many more.

You’ve also probably heard of epigenetics: how to modify your gene expression with nutrition.

While the science behind these genetic nutrition tests are a little shaky right now, the science behind epigenetics and nutrigenomics is pretty solid.

Turns out, we have more control over our genes than we thought.

To go deeper, check out the work of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor or Nessa Carey. …

During my research into health, nutrition and disease prevention, I came across many “truths” preached by the alternative and conventional medicine fields.

Luckily, I’ve learned that you can’t take anything at face value. You have to dig deeper, ask more questions, and get the real truth.

And boy have I found some doozies.

Let’s get to it:

Alkaline Diet

I talked about this in another post. It’s almost a universally accepted, unquestioned truth in the natural medicine community that “cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment”.

This is true, actually.

Jason North

I’m a Christian writer and coach that shares wisdom on meditation, wellness, mental health, and social change, to become better humans 🧠

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